It is always such a great time to head back home every chance I get. And this is why… WOW! This mountain. Boy! This definitely says home to me.

How can you not enjoy this. Lush greens and bright skies and rock… The sun shining on the rock. Oh… can you see them?

New earrings from Fallen Mountain Studio

Last weekend was a phenomenal one as I felt so lucky to be able to capture some memories for three great Crowsnest Pass families. The weekend ended with a wonderful surprise for me. I WON something! And I never win anything so I was so surprised to have a message from @Nichole Rigby letting me know I had won one of her giveaways. Thank you so much Fallen Mountain Studio for my new earrings. They are beautiful and I love them.

If you haven’t already, you need to go see her stuff. She does amazing work.



I spent most of the the long weekend editing grad photos from the previous weekend and was lucky to get out in the evening on Saturday. Had a great time chasing the light with my buddy Jen from Etched in Time Photos

Just a few minutes later and a short drive down the highway, this happened! Can you believe it? The sky just came alive!

The Sleeping Giant (Tecumseh Mountain) settling in for the night

One last stop on Saturday night and again, such a diverse sky… so different from the other two images and all were taken on the same night within an hour.

One minute the sky was on fire 🔥 and the next it was showing its softer side. Loving the reflections and the blues tones with the pink accents here. Oh, and a heron flew by and startled me so I missed it lol. Time to go!

Cotton Candy Sunset

And then the weekend came to an end. And the traffic began

The Cowboy Trail