May 22nd was a very sad day for this historic church in Morley, Alberta. The church, built in 1875 burned down. (Read more here) It’s unfortunate that they feel the fire was the work of arsonists.

If you were to take the 1A Highway from Cochrane west to Banff, you would definitely have seen this church in a field on the south side of the highway just past Ghost Lake. It was a sentinel of sorts without any other buildings around it.

I had the luck of stumbling across it a few years ago when exploring the area. The day was pretty gloomy and didn’t really make for any interesting photos.  I was however very lucky on the way back from a trip to Banff and made a point of returning that day as the sky was so amazing.

I had planned on making another visit this year but didn’t get the chance before this tragedy.


McDougall Memorial, built 1875