Like every year, Good Friday, for me anyway, means new beginnings. Spring is just around the corner, even if the calendar says it’s already Spring, it really isn’t. It also means spending time with family… My poor nephew and his wife now host everyone for Easter dinner… that’s around 14 people :-O. But all and all, it’s another reason to look past the business of life and reconnect.

Calgary’s annual Good Friday walk in remembrance and solidarity

This year I decided to head down to see the Way of the Cross – Calgary’s annual Good Friday walk in remembrance and solidarity. It was a first for me. They were calling for up to 10cm of the white stuff but decided to go anyway. It turned out to be beautiful out! Even if this photo doesn’t represent that.

Just going for a stroll with a few hundred of my closest friends

Hundreds of people showed up. They were walking and praying and some weren’t even looking where they were going (A lady was walking backwards taking  a photo with her phone and walked right into my lens which pushed on the camera and hit me in the mouth… Oh dear… the bleeding stopped thankfully)

Reading scriptures

The walk started at St. Mary’s Cathedral and made several stops along the way to read scripture and to allow others to carry the cross. It was a very neat experience. I think I’d like to do it again but maybe when the weather is better.

Carrying the cross

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