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Meg; Class of 2017

Meg; Class of 2017

May is graduation time at our local high school, CCHS and I was so thrilled when I was asked to capture this young lady’s grad photos.

I remember the first day I met Meg. It was at the Albert Stella arena for lacrosse practice for the Ravens. She was one of only two girls who played and boy,  did she ever keep up with the boys. Kicked some stinky LAX but too! They both did actually 🤗.

The Location

Meg wanted her photos down on Willow Drive in Coleman. It’s a beautiful spot… a quiet road with a nice white fence and trees that overhang the street.

Photo by Kristina Bedward
Willow Drive

The forecast was calling for rain. And for a bit there, I was a little worried so I made sure the umbrella was in the truck just in case. Turns out, we didn’t need it and were actually looking for some shade.

That Dress!

Oh my! WOW! This dress definitely fit Meg to a T… Not only did it fit her body but the style was all her. Elegant… sophisticated… yet simple… all in one.

The detail and the beading takes you back to another era. And the colour! Well, it was a perfect match to her hair… Or was her hair a perfect match to her dress?

Proud moment

This day was all about Meg, with good reason. This is a great accomplishment in her life and Mom and Dad were just beaming with pride. As well as her grandparents and aunt. We got a few snaps of everyone but as you can see, some were harder to get to cooperate than others LOL. It’s all good. I’m happy I could not only capture posed photos for them but also ones that were a little more lighthearted.

Photo by Kristina Bedward
Mom and her brother


Father/daughter shenanigans


Meg and Nana


Congrats again Meg on your accomplishments. You are absolutely stunning! You are one gorgeous lady Meg and I wish you all the greatest memories on your next phase in your life. I thank you for the opportunity to share part of your day with you and for allowing me to capture these memories for you. I hope you look back on them fondly in many years…..Kristina

All grown up

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